Rehabilitation Classes

Wrist Injury Group: Monday & Thursday

Thumb Stability Group: Wednesday & Friday

Self Management Strategies for Arthritis Seminar (monthly)


The Sports Injury Clinic

PHT consult one session a week : Alternating Tuesday morning / Wednesday afternoon at 365-367 Nepean Highway, Frankston.

To book call 9783 9990 and ask for an appointment with our Hand Therapist Sam Jubber 


fibreglass cast custom thermoplastic fracture braces
Waterproof Braces
Waterproof braces for undisplaced wrist and scaphoid fractures
Fibreglass Casts
Fibreglass casts are a lightweight splashproof alternative to plaster
Custom Braces
Removable, low temperature thermoplastic braces for fractures

custom splints Iontophoresis piano hands
Custom Braces
Removable, low temperature thermoplastic braces for arthritis and soft tissue injuries
Cortisone Iontophoresis Cortisone iontophoresis is a pain free side effect free alternative to cortisone injection
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Hand Injuries in the Musician
PHT can provide specific treatment and rehabilitation programs that include: early return to modified playing, instrument specific exercises, sensory re-education

handwriting scar compression garments
Handwriting (kids & adults) Assessment of school readiness for pre-school children, prescription of adapted writing
aids for adults and children and assistance with writing speed & legibility for VCE students
Scar Management 
There are many therapy measures for addressing issues relating to the cosmesis and functional restriction of scar from surgery or trauma including, paraffin wax, silicone gel, compression garments and cortisone iontophoresis
Compression Garments 
Custom and ready made garments can be measured and fitted at PHT for management of swelling following trauma or surgery or for softening and flattening scar
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wristwidget_wrist support2 rehab thumb stability
Management of Complex Wrist Injuries
Wrist injuries are often complex, involving joint stiffness or ligament injury leading to instability. Successful treatment of these functionally limiting problems requires indepth knowledge of wrist biomechenics and excercise prescription specific to the problem. This is not usually met adequately in a general rehabilitation context. A Hand therapists expertise is often required for successful outcomes.
Wrist rehabilitation group
This is a functionally based gym program for those needing to improve upper limb stability and strength following wrist injury or surgery led by one of our hand therapists.
Dynamic Thumb stability group
Thumb instabilities (‘wonky’ thumbs) can cause weakness, pain with pinch grip and can lead to arthritis. This group teaches a series of stabilising exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles around the thumb. This can be very helpful for those with arthritis as well as those who are hypermobile.