Broken wrist or hand ? 

Summer is a time for being active and for beach holidays! Sometimes this means a mishap for someone in the family and a broken bone is the result! The last thing you want is 6 weeks in a heavy plaster cast that cannot get wet….

Peninsula Hand Therapy specialises in the custom fabrication of lightweight, low temperature, thermoplastic casts. 

Our experienced Hand Therapists can have your injury assessed quickly and arrange for an immediate X–ray. If a fracture is confirmed you can have a waterproof cast applied straight away.  Our Hand therapists  stay up to date with the latest in fracture management and are capable of managing all simple fractures in a custom thermoplastic brace. We work closely with our local Hand and Orthopaedic surgeons so if your fracture requires an opinion from a Hand or Orthopaedic surgeon we can arrange this quickly via your GP.

Our practice has a wide range of thermoplastic and fiberglass materials in a variety of colours to suit your fracture and the demands of your lifestyle. 

Thermoplastic waterproof casts are:

  • lightweight
  • conforming
  • custom moulded to your hand or wrist
  • breathable
  • can be remoulded as your swelling reduces
  • durable
  • only immobilise the affected joints so that unaffected joints can move
  • available in a wide range of bright colours that kids love.
  • no plaster saw required to remove