Thumb Group

Thumb group is a supervised session run by a Hand Therapist, with a focus on pain prevention and promoting movement patterns that protect your joints. In this group we aim to provide advice on activity modifications that will help minimise thumb pain in your day to day activities. Remember this group is also an opportunity to chat to other people and share tips and tricks to help manage your pain!

This group is for anyone who is experiencing persistent thumb pain, commonly originating from osteoarthritis, a thumb injury or joint hypermobility

This group runs on a Friday morning, give our reception team a call if you are interested!

Wrist Group

Wrist group is also a supervised group session run by a Hand Therapist aimed at increasing strength, coordination, weight bearing tolerance, fine motor and gross motor skills. This group focuses on developing a functional based strength program according to your diagnosis and skill and to assist in preparation for returning to your functional demands whether it be sport, recreation or work.

This group is for anyone who is currently recovering from a wrist injury such as a wrist fracture, ligament injury or surgery and is often run on a Wednesday afternoon.

Give our reception team a call if you think this group would benefit you or chat to your therapist next time you see them.

Chronic Pain Information Session

This session is also Hand Therapist run and is for anyone who is experiencing ongoing pain or has been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition and would like to find out more.

We strongly encouraged patients to also bring their significant others or carers with them. This session runs on a referred basis and is educational. However, if you would like to find out more chat to your hand therapist in your next treatment session.