Distal Radius and Scaphoid Fractures 

Management of Undisplaced Distal Radius fracture
These injuries routinely require immobilisation of the wrist. PHT offers an alternative to Plaster of Paris
with the fabrication of a custom made circumferential thermoplastic wrist splint. The brace allows full
finger, thumb movement, for distal radius fractures. The brace can also be fabricated to immobilise the
thumb for scaphoid fractures. These splints can be made in a range of colours and customised to the
requirements to each individual. This management option offers a number of benefits to the bulky, heavy and inflexible plaster option.

waterproof cast

Light weight
Reduces unnecessary load on the shoulder and minimises the irritation of a preexisting Rotator Cuff injury commonly experienced in the older patient.

Splints can easily be remoulded at 10 days post injury to accommodate the reduction in swelling. This
ensures best fit throughout the immobilisation period and minimises pressure areas.

Patients can be instructed on safe removal of the brace to wash and care for skin. This is a significant
benefit for active children, in the summer months and individuals with skin lacerations or skin conditions.

The brace can get wet, without compromise, allowing greater functional independence preventing the need for wearing a bag over the arm when showering. This is beneficial for mothers bathing young children and older adults showering independently. Following the immobilisation period, this brace can be intermittently worn to allow for a gradual return to function.

Plaster of Paris, Fiberglass and Polyester casting also available if this is the preference of the referrer or a more appropriate option for the patient.