dōTERRA Products 
dōTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub is a rich, topical cream infused with Deep Blue® Soothing Blend of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that provide targeted comfort to tired and sore joints and muscles.
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Exos Splinting
Exos is the only bracing system offering you and your
patients a removable, adjustable, reformable
and waterproof solution for the treatment of
fractures and other injuries requiring stabilisation.
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Splint Covers – Busted Bling
Bringing comfort and bling to orthopaedics and mobility equipment. Plaster covers, Splint Covers, Brace Bling, Crutch and Walker Accessories – Busted Bling has it all. [read more]
Spiky Massage Balls
Spiky Massage Balls are designed to stimulate the blood circulation, massage muscles and relieve tension. These robust therapeutic balls provide a multi-dimensional product of excellent value.

MetaGrip Push Comfort CMC Splint
The most streamlined and durable CMC thumb brace available for the relief of CMC Osteoarthritis.
Wrist Widget
The WristWidget is designed to treat your ulnar sided wrist pain due to your TFCC tear.
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Adapted Pen/Pencil Grips
PenAgain Ergo-Sof Ballpoint Pen: Unlike conventional pens that rely on the strength of your grip, the PenAgain’s ergonomic index finger cradle takes advantage of the natural weight of the hand to generate the pressure needed to apply ink to paper. Ideal for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, calluses, repetitive stress injuries, hand tremors and arthritis. Soft rubber coating provides a comfy, tension-free writing experience.Twist n’ Write Pencil: Make writing fun for your children with theTwist n Write Pencil
FlexBar Thera-Band
Thera-Band FlexBar is a flexible, durable resistance device with a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use. It is used to improve grip strength and upper extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement. It has been research-proven effective for Tennis Elbow, offering a cost-effective treatment that requires no injection or expensive equipment. Thera-Band FlexBar is 12″ long and is made from dry natural rubber in 4 progressive resistance levels to match user capability. The Yellow Thera-Band FlexBar takes 6 lb. of force to bend to a
u-shape, Red 10 lb., Green 15 lb., and Blue 25 lb.

All Black ‘n Blue Natural Anti-inflammatory Cream
A soothing plant extract based gel that assists the treatment of muscular inflammation and temporary relief of muscular aches and pains, the pain of arthritis and fibrositis. Contains no petrochemicals or alcohol.
Assistive devices to minimise joint stress in Arthritis
Assistive devices are products and tools that can make life with arthritis easier. These simple devices let you continue to cook, clean, get dressed, bathe, and move around with relative ease.

MagSorb™ is renowned as the highest quality, best priced transdermal magnesium oil on the market. MagSorb™ is a liquid concentration of magnesium chloride, derived from ancient sea bed deposits. It has a naturally oily texture and is commonly called magnesium oil (although it is not technically an oil). The skin has massive unrecognised absorption potential.